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Another Coverversion. All Instruments performed by TweakerRay
Original Version by Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor

Produced by TweakerRay

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TweakerRay Mixtape #6 - 13-06-2013

TweakerRay Mixtape #6 - 13-06-2013 by Tweakerray on Mixcloud


“After All Is Said And Done Mix” - Nine Inch Nails

0:00:00 - Survivalism (Awake) - TweakerRay
0:03:38 - In This Twilight (Akira Zero Dark Night Mix) - Akira_Zero
0:08:09 - Head Down (Curb Stomp Mix) - Emptiness
0:12:26 - Discipline (Can’t Stop Myself 2.0) - TweakerRay
0:16:11 - Every Day Is Exactly The Same - She/Staphylin
0:19:46 - Only (Triptych) - MoozE
0:25:06 - The Perfect Drug (Binary Audio Mix) - Binary Audio
0:29:45 - The Perfect Drug (Green Dream mix) - TweakerRay
0:34:12 - 1’000’000 (Bass Monster Remix) - BassMonster
0:38:11 - Every Day Is Exactly The Same (TweakerRay remix) - TweakerRay
0:44:05 - 1,000,000 (Miles Away) - Batch
0:47:55 - All The Love In The World (Dead Errant Soul Remix) - damianDES
0:52:48 - Vessel (Marco Cordi mix) - Marco Cordi
0:56:21 - A Way Out Is Through (remix) - Emulator4k
0:58:29 - The Greater Good (Doomed and Finished) - TweakerRay
1:02:18 - Love Is Not Enough (Binary Audio Mix) - Binary Audio
1:06:26 - That’s What I Get (TonyM2M2 mix) - TonyM2M2
1:10:39 - All The Love in The World (Binary Audio Mix) - Binary Audio
1:15:58 - In This Twilight (CTV mix) - CrashTV
1:19:15 - The Warning (Bender Version 2) - NightBender
1:23:09 - Not So Pretty Now (Low Light Mix) - Emptiness
1:27:02 - In This Twilight (Pulse Wave Mix) - Binary Audio
1:31:10 - The Hand That Feeds (Zardonix mix) - Zardonic
1:36:41 - Something I Can Never Have (btsou mix) - SoundTweakers
1:42:19 - The Only Time (reaps mix) - Reaps
1:47:02 - Even Deeper (Telefon Tel Aviv Love Dub) - Telefon Tel Aviv
1:51:13 - Ruiner (dubstep mix) - Matt Molloy
1:55:04 - Echoplex (Dead Errant Soul remix) - damianDES
2:00:23 - Right Where It Belongs (John ‘00’ Fleming & The Digital Blonde mix) - John ‘00’ Fleming & The Digital Blonde
2:07:45 - Discipline (Robber Remix) - thescarface1989pt4
2:12:30 - Hurt (Dance Mix) - Dave Onex
2:17:04 - Leaving Hope (Only mix) - ???
2:19:37 - Zero-Sum (Aftermath mix) - Dahak

“After All Is Said And Done Mix” is a more than 2hours mix made from the top popular, beautiful, romantic and awesome NIN remixes. The entire mix is edited, remastered and remixed. 

Just a short update on the voting at the HTDA remixcontests:

My Strings & Attractors remix is now at 4th place
How Long is at 4th place
On the wing is at 6th place

I think I won’t be able to hold high positions in this contest. There are remixes poping out of nowhere now.
I just can hope that people hear the difference in quality.
I thank all of you for letting my mixes stayed a long time at the top. Let’s see what the judges like at the end.

Thanks for all your support!

Cheers TweakerRay

If you still like to vote go here: - Strings And Attractors - On The Wing - How Long

Just opened the old Session from my Blue Stahli Corner ReMix… It was done in Cubase 5 on Win XP - also with some different plugins which I now have exchanged with some other toys. (Since my Mastering changed a little) 81 Tracks with all midi and grouptracks.


I may do a live broadcast where I show a little the remix and play some single tracks of it and discuss a little…


Check out for more updates…


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